Care Ministries – Serving Opportunities


COVID-19 Response Team – this team is designed to be operational during the COVID-19 pandemic. Volunteers for this team are available to shop for supplies for the food and hygiene community mission as well as deliver care packages to those who are high risk, or unable to make it to our building due to financial hardship, transportation issues etc.

Illness/Mature Members – this team is designed to provide active care for members who have an illness, have been hospitalized, are no longer able to attend church due to age or illness, or belong to the mature members community. Active care for this community includes home and hospital visits, making and delivering care packages, sending cards, making phone calls, organizing care events or praying for the member and their family.

Young Families – this team is designed to provide support for young families in the church by proactively identifying care opportunities to include helping with monetary needs, new parent care packages, connecting new families with community resources, engaging with them on Sundays, sending cards or emails to check in, organizing care events and offering prayer.

Respite/Meal Train – by definition, respite is “a short period of rest and relief from something difficult.” This type of care could include the meal train, offering assistance for people with special needs and their families, helping families with deployed members, assisting in house work, yard work or short term child care as well as providing aid to programs with regular volunteers who need a short break.

Crisis Team – this team is designed to respond to crisis situations such as sudden loss of a member, accident, hospital emergency (early delivery of a baby, unexpected surgery, severe illness) in order to make contact quickly and fill any needs that may arise. Once initial contact has been made, the need will get assigned to the appropriate group for follow up care.

Prayer Team – this team consists of elders, deacons, church staff and dedicated prayer warriors who are actively praying for requests that are made. Adherence to member confidentiality is critical for members to participate in this team.

Interested in Serving?

Fill out the contact form on the area you are interested in serving in the Care Ministry. For more information, please contact our Director of Care Ministries, Maria Nickell.