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At Southridge, we love your children. Our ministry is very intentional in fostering your child’s spiritual maturity process. It is our desire to glorify God in all things, to be purposeful in teaching scripture-saturated messages to your children, and to teach your child to know God, to know Christ, and to purposefully seek Him, serve Him, and share Him by loving and serving others.

We know that we are not, nor should be, the number one influence in your child’s spiritual development (because parents are!), but we will be your number one partner in that process. Partnering with parents and delivering solid, bliblical, spirit-led, age-appropriate lessons fosters a solid Christ-centered foundation for your child.

What makes church GREAT for your kids?



Attending the same service every weekend gives your child the chance to build life-long relationships with kids and leaders.


There is nothing greater to invest your time in than the local church to build a healthy, strong, Christ-centered child. There are 52 weekend opportunities each year—will you take advantage of them? Get invested. This shows your child you are serious about serving Christ in a practical way.


Asking your child “Hey, what was the main point this week?” Help them memorize scripture and apply biblical principals learned during services.


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