Little Miracles Preschool

A play-based program with a solid Christian foundation

Our play is designed in the minds of our children based on their interests, creativity and thoughtful thinking. This provides pathways through which children can learn and gain knowledge of their world. Our learning activities are designed to meet the developmental needs of each child and challenge and encourage them to think beyond their mastery of the activities. Our atmosphere is full of happy laughter, discussions in every area, silence at times, joyful music, contemplative words and exclamations of spontaneous creative ideas. Our faith and understanding of God and His world, and His love for us grow every day as we dig into Bible stories, sing praise and worship music and look for God and His provisions in all of our thematic units. We marvel at His creation right outside our windows and as we explore and discover in outdoor play in our naturescape play place. Children’s play is their work. Therefore, we are here to foster the learning that most assuredly comes from play!


Three-year old Class
Tuesday & Thursday
9:00am – 11:30am
Four-year old Class
Monday, Wednesday & Friday
9:00am – Noon

Our Mission Statement

Believing that children are an integral part of the kingdom of God, our mission at LITTLE MIRACLES is to provide a
quality program that encourages the whole child – spiritual, social, emotional, intellectual, cognitive, physical and creative.
Our goal is to help each child realize that he or she is special and unique to God and to promote child development
through a well-rounded program of activities and learning opportunities.



Skill Development

Children will develop fine motor skills, creative expression, learn shapes, colors, numbers, alphabet, language skills and kindergarten readiness skills. Child-directed play, including STEAM activities, offers opportunities for discovery, challenges, creativity, critical thinking
and make-believe adventures.

Spiritual,Emotional, Social

Each day brings discoveries in praise and worship through songs and Bible stories. We encourage such social skills as kindness, caring, sharing, playing together, communicating with words and positive interaction with friends, all of which promote a healthy self-esteem.

Field Trips & Outdoor Discovery

We visit special places to learn and enjoy hands-on experiences. Our learning continues as we have fun with outdoor adventures in our own naturescape play area, discovering and exploring the world God has made.


Parents are an important part of our program, communicating always with teachers, and participating in field trips and other activities in the classroom.


To schedule a visit or for more information, please call 353-2700, ext. 222 or send us an email.